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Family Labels

Fun Family Labels - packs of 50 the same family R285

Create your own family gift labels with fun personalities on a family label with 3 lines of text message.

These "personalities" have been drawn by children and exude character.Trees and flowers are added for extra fun.

This family label label will enhance any gift and is sure to put a smile on the recipients face .

Please note:
As our personalities have been hand drawn by children they cannot really be altered except perhaps for skin colour.
Please select personality closest to your family and make up your own family group
Also ask us to forward our new characters to you to chose.

Select members from our clipart gallery and they will be sized according to position (age) given in the order that it is written - usually the eldest in family being placed first.

An outside shape and colour may be selected to enhance your family gift label such as either an oval, rectangle or cloud shape.
If you have more than 4 family characters it is recommended that the rectangle be selected for a neater and uncluttered family gift label.

Double click for more.
Frame 1broad rectangle family
Frame 2- Plain rectangle family
Frame 3 oval family
Frame 4 rainbow rectangle family
Frame 5 with stripe border
Frame 6 - cloud shape family
Frame 7 -1 Christmas Family
Frame 7 Christmas family