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Gift Labels Foil

A small selection available here but please page through any of the other gift labels which can also be printed on foil.
Dark colours will make the foils darker. If however you prefer one of the labels in the gift labels selection which may be darker it is then recommended that brushed foil be chosen - be it silver, gold or rose gold- as this retains the vibrant colour of the labels.
Rose gold is available - Please state preference on message line
Fancy Oval - Foil
Foil Gift label 1115
Foil Gift label 1118
Foil Gift label 1119
Foil Gift label 1120
Foil Gift label 13
Foil Gift label 15
Foil Gift label 267
Foil Gift label 580
Foil Gift label 753
Foil Gift label 753
Gift box - foil label 19
Gift label 103 brushed or shiny foil
Gift label 13 Stripe Rectangles Foil
Gift label 18 brushed or shiny foils
Gift label 18 shiny gold foil
Gift label 31 brushed gold
Gift label 330 foil
Gift Label 341
Gift label 382
Gift label 383 foil
Gift Label 423
Gift label 589 Textured silver
Gift labels 31 shiny silver
Gift labels 963
Git labels 383 - Portrait Shiny or brushed foil
Gold Foil Hearts
Label 25
Oval plain with border Gift label 18
Pink foil Rectangle with Flowers
Red Porche on Foil
Rose gold foil Gift label 1114
Rose gold foil Gift label 1114 B
Rose gold Gift label 1110
Rose gold Gift label 1113