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Bag Tags for Sports Bags

These identification tags are flexible,brightly coloured, funky and fun to use

These tags are 50 mm in diameter and information is in these encapsulated discs assists all children and adults to identify sports, ballet or even school bags

These tags also help smaller children identify zipper jackets ( it can be attached to the zipper) or bags at Creche or Playgroup with their chosen motif which is applied to all other labels too
Bag Tag 1
Bag tag 10
Bag tag 106
Bag Tag 136
Bag tag 139
Bag tag 140
Bag tag 141
Bag tag 142
Bag tag 143
Bag tag 144
Bag tag 147
Bag tag 148
Bag tag 150
Bag tag 151
Bag tag 154
Bag tag 17
Bag tag 18
Bag Tag 31
Bag Tag 47
I D Capsule 34
I D Capsule 42
I D Capsule 80
ID Capsule 14
ID Capsule 16
ID Capsule 19
ID Capsule 21
ID Capsule 3 black/red
ID Capsule 30
ID Capsule 40
ID Capsule 5
ID Capsule 6
ID Capsule 9
ID Capsules 7
ID Capsules 12
ID Capsules 2
ID Capsules 22
ID Capsules 4
ID CApsules 8